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Modern World Martial Arts

Teuk-Gong Moo Sul

Modern World Martial Arts
Korea’s original “Mixed Martial Art” requested by the President of South Korea in 1978

All Legacy Instructors are certified by Great Grandmaster Chang Soo Ok &
The Korea Teuk-Gong Moo Sul Association / TEUK-GONG WORLDWIDE.



TEUK-GONG (AKA: Teuk-Gong Moo Sul, Teuk-Gong Martial Arts, Tukkong)

In 1978 South Korean President Junghee Park choose Grandmaster Chang, Soo-Ok (as one of Korea’s top martial arts masters) to develop Korea’s most cutting edge superior martial art he eventually named “Teuk-Gong Moo Sul (Special Combat Martial Arts).  Teuk-Gong Martial Arts was first designed for the Security Service of South Korea and then for the men and woman in the military to enhance their combat techniques physical and mental fitness.

Teuk-Gong Martial Arts was developed for real-life situations because of this the best techniques and aspects of Taekwondo, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, Aikido, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Danranggwon, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling, Boxing, Gyeoksul, Gummoosul and Sorimsul were added to develop the World’s Best Martial Art.

Grandmaster Chang Soo-Ok and Grandmaster Kim, Danhwa embarked on a project to develop a superior new brand of martial arts with advanced techniques and the incorporation of the Orient’s philosophy of energy.  They completed it in November of 1978.

In 1986 Grandmaster Chang, Soo-Ok set up The Korea Teuk-Gong Moo Sul Association / TEUK-GONG WORLDWIDE recognized by the South Korean government to be the “official” institution to issue Government Authorized Certificate of Black Belt Degree “Dan” for Teuk-Gong Martial Arts.  This allowed the general public (Men, Women & Children) of Korea the opportunity to learn the countries most elite martial arts system and gain superior self-defense techniques and a higher standard of living and fitness.  In September 1988 the Association was officially approved by the Ministry of Culture & Sports.

The Association continues to enhance research and grow Teuk-Gong Martial Arts to become the best in the world.  TEUK-GONG IS NOW EXPANDING WORLDWIDE. TIGER MARTIAL ARTS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY SCHOOL IN CANADA TO TEACH TEUK-GONG MOO SUL.  Chief Master Jeff Viani is the first non-korean to be certified “Master Instructor” by Grand Master Chang, Soo Ok.  He is also the Chief Master of Teuk-Gong MooSul North America.  Come out and learn this Super Martial Art – beginner classes are now forming.

Enjoy the video below.  Grandmaster Chang’s Elite Teuk-Gong Demonstration Team (Seoul, South Korea).  Our very own student Ryan Mitchell (3rd Dan) was allowed to be part of this special demonstration.

Great Grandmaster Chang Soo Ok congratulates Master Viani on 24 years of Black Belt excellence and hopes our school will grow even more in the future.  And every Teuk-Gong Moo Sul martial artist to cheer up!  April 2021




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