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Testimonials From Students & Parents


Master Viani,

Peggy and I wanted to express our appreciation for the work you and your team have done with Sky over the past year.  Sky had been interested in pursuing martial arts for a year or so before we finally signed him up and, looking back, it is probably one of the better parenting decisions that Peggy and I have made.  He has developed in confidence, in skills, and in character and his instructors have played a major part in that.  He is excited to move into the leadership program and to expand his learning to include new skills.

Best regards,

Joshua Knaak
AVP & Branch Manager
Canadian Western Bank

Hi Master Viani,

The following is a testimonial about Lance’s experience with Master Viani’s Tiger Martial Arts:

Three years ago we enrolled our 12 year old son into Tiger Martial Arts as part of a conditioning program to supplement his baseball training. Our goals were to improve his core strength, reflexes and flexibility.  Our son was initially quite reserved about doing martial arts, but three years later he is almost a black belt and now on his way to becoming a martial arts instructor.
Tiger Martial Arts has been a huge reason for my son’s continued success in competitive baseball (such as playing in the 2012 BC Summer Games and going to his first prospect camp at the age of 15). Martial arts has provided a strong core training program that not only strengthens the body, but also trains the mind to be disciplined – a necessity for high performance sports. For example, my son is a pitcher and when he is on the mound, he is able to remain calm and focussed no matter how high the pressure becomes during the game.
But Master Viani’s Tiger Martial Arts has provided more than just a place to train for sports – it has become a place of community for my family.  That is one of the reasons that my son decided to start the CIT program to become an instructor. Master Viani (and his wonderful wife) provide a environment that models respect, kindness and above all else friendship for all that walk through the doors.  We have been so impressed with Tiger Martial Arts that we encouraged our daughter to also join, and now she is about to get her blue belt!

Claudette Martin

Master Viani,

This is your old student Peter Foodikoff and I was just looking at your web page. I like the format. Hopefully you are doing very well along with your family. I thought of you when I recently visited The Shalon Temple in China and had a chance to do some work on the temple grounds. It has a way of allowing one to appreciate all of my old masters and mentors so I just wanted to thank-you for your part of my martial arts path.

respectfully yours
Peter J. Foodikoff

psp I use what you taught me every time i go out with the RCMP as a auxilary constable, especially the hand to hand combat routines we used to review. Your teachings do work in the practical world.

Master Viani’s Tiger Martial Arts was an essential part of my childhood and teenage life, setting the stage for my future endeavors. From the moment that I began training, I had set myself goals of reaching the next belt rank, and, through years of training, my goals increased until I finally achieved the level of 3rd Dan black belt. This goal setting has carried on with me, as many years ago I decided to set myself the goal of becoming a doctor. Through the many traits such as integrity, indomitable spirit, and leadership that were engrained into me through Master Viani’s Tiger Martial Arts program, I am now in medical school on the journey to becoming a surgeon. Tiger Martial Arts always taught everyone to give everything their best, and I don’t believe that I would be where I am today without it.

This school motivates people to reach their goals and teaches respect, all in a well-structured learning environment. After training at Viani’s for over 8 years, I can say that Master Viani is a truly exceptional instructor, and I confidently recommend this school to anyone.

Mark Kubanski

I really have seen the difference Vianis has done for my son. Martial Arts has helped him to become stronger and have better manners. Every time Johnny acts out or can’t focus, the Instructors help him to get back on track. They take the time to show him how to do his best, also when I can’t show him or have problems with getting him to practise they always help. I can count on the whole crew to help Johnny strive to be his best. Master Viani also has talked to Johnny to show him how to behave at school and at Martial Arts. Johnny has improved in school and at Vianis because of all the help and consistency. I have and would continue to tell everyone about Vianis Martial Arts.

Teresa Harper

My 9 yr old son started going to Vianis almost 6 months ago. He absolutely loves it! The instructors are so good with kids. Not only do they get great martial arts training, they get life lessons. The instructors reinforce attitude, respect and are so motivational. I think it’s great. I can honestly say that having my son join Vianis martial arts has been the best experience.  It has helped him be less shy and more confident.  He is very proud of his achievements, it’s been a huge boost to his self-esteem.
I know he will continue to train for many years to come.  It is worth every penny and I highly recommend Vianis.

Gayle Tremblay

Our son has been focused on achieving each level in his martial arts training. He has really been enjoying the TASMA program. Vianis martial arts has been a positive place for him to be, learn and have a lot of fun and interact with peers and adults respectfully.

Mrs. Aziz

The martial arts program at Vianis has helped Jacob to gain confidence in himself. If has helped improve his focus on daily tasks, respect for himself and others and improve his balance.
Our family motto is “never give up” & that has helped him to persevere when he finds a task difficult. It is reassuring to find a place that has similar values to our families. Thank you.

I would recommend this program & have to anyone.

D. Bernauer

I enjoy watching my son have so much fun. He really likes coming & I never have to drag him to his Martial Arts Class. Cole is very focused in class, he seems to want to learn and gain as much knowledge as he can. I have been with him in other sports and he loses interest. It might be a little early to say it has helped him outside of his class, but I believe it will help him keep focused more over time. He is very proud that his is in Martial Arts.

Brad Bellamy

Vianis Martial Arts has become a staple in our every day/weekly routine. Three of us train, myself and two daughters. Both girls love going to TASMA (the after school martial arts program). I have found the consistency and structured program to be a strong base for them as they develop into young adults. The reminder of positive life skills and encouragement through leadership programs has proven to be instrumental in both girls being more confident in their own abilities and outgoing with others.  We have been members with Vianis for 4+ years and counting. I would highly recommend this program to other parents and children before putting them into team sports.

Jackie Schmidt

Since enrolling Carmine in Vianis in May 2009, we have seen a positive change in Carmine’s self confidence and discipline. He has also become more outgoing with other kids.
Carmine enjoys coming to Vianis and we would recommend Vianis to our family and friends.

Mrs. Vinepal

“Ever since I was a kid I had the dream of getting a ‘Black Belt’.  I took classes when I was 13, and dropped out.  I took classes when I was 17, and dropped out.  I tried again when I was 25, and dropped out.  Each time I would climb the ladder to an ‘intermediate’ level, and then I would burn out and lose interest.  When I was 40 I decided it was time to give it another try.  I already had my son Andy enrolled in Viani’s Martial arts – and I spoke to Master Jeff Viani about taking classes myself.  From my previous experiences I knew I wasn’t cut out for normal group classes.  Together we created a program and a game-plan that would work for me.  I took intensive, private lessons – and this time I did it!  I achieved my goal and was presented with my Black Belt.

Master Viani and the entire staff were excellent to work with.  I had the pleasure of having a variety of different instructors – and each brought their own unique talents to my instruction.

I am very pleased with my decision to take classes with Vianis Martial Arts –  I highly recommend them.”

Dave Dubeau

The reasons I have and will continue to train at Vianis Martial Arts
School, Conditioning; after a heart attack in my early 40’s I needed a work out that not only kept my body in shape but also motivation to keep me coming back. Viani’s has been able to keep me physically fit and wanting to continue my training with new programs, bettering myself within the school and being able to help new students. “My doctor highly recommends it.” And so do I.

Rick Vowles

Martial arts is not simply a sport. It is a life style and something
that sticks with you forever. Vianis has shown me this over nearly a
decade of my young life. It has made me who I am, and 3 black belts
later, I am still learning how to be a better martial artist and a
better person every day I go to class. I encourage anyone thinking about joining martial arts to come to Vianis. You won’t regret a second of it, I sure haven’t.

Josh Karstein

My expectations were far exceeded when Master Viani’s instructors led a special session at the PAART Programme – a programme aimed at children who may or may not have access to many of the extra-curriculars Kamloops has to offer.

These instructors volunteered their time on a Saturday afternoon to teach an exceptionally fun, engaging, and educational lesson on martial arts to the students in my programme. Not only did they energetically engage every single one of the students (and volunteers) in our programme, but they introduced them to the history of martial arts, showed them many self-defence techniques, and created a positive working relationship with each and every child. Their instructions are clear and easy to understand, coupled with exercises/skills that are within the abilities of each student (from the beginner to the experienced). Because of this, and the steady stream of positive reinforcement conveyed to the students, each participant left feeling successful and proud of their own individual accomplishment.

One of the volunteers said, “Shawn Sabyan was very encouraging and in control, the kids respected him but still had fun and took him seriously, he made everyone want to try.”

Their programming respectfully teaches self-discipline, control, self-esteem, fine and large motor skills – all of which are integral to building a secure, confident, and respectful person.

Thank you so much for your high energy, fun, organized session!

Jennifer Jones
PAART Programme Director

Mr. Viani,Thank you again for the excellent presentation on Martial Arts that you gave this afternoon!

Mr. Viani visited our school to give a presentation of martial art skills to my grade 4 class On Tuesday, October 21, 2010.  The lesson was a major success for the students.

The lesson was appropriate and extremely useful especially for teaching and reinforcing positive behaviors.  Mr. Viani’s major focus was on self discipline, concentration/focus, respect (for your teachers, parents and yourself), as well as some introductory postures and moves.  Not only did Mr. Viani discuss these concepts, he modelled them using an effective and positive teaching style.  The students learned the need to focus their eyes, mind, body and ears on the instructor, as well as the importance of respect and what that looks like in a learning situation. Mr. Viani also discussed and demonstrated setting goals and the importance of persisting to meet them. Although this may sound like a lot for a 30 minute gym class it was done in a calm, effective manner that reached all the students in my class.

I would recommend Mr. Viani as a presenter in the classroom.

Linda Schatkoske

Summit Elementary Teacher
School District 73


It was a pleasure to have Jeff viani martial arts come to our school. The program offered a free introduction to martial arts. The students were engaged and active through the 30 minute demonstration. The message of self control over your mind, body, eyes, and ears was clearly delivered and received by the students.  This Demonstration was a great addition to my physical education program as it reflected components of the bc teaching curriculum. Well done!

Amanda Jean Brennan
David Thompson Elementary
School Teacher

Dear Tiger Martial Arts,Thank you for everything you have done for me. I’m very grateful for what you taught me. I enjoyed your program because it was fun and strict. It helped teach me discipline. Now, I help out around the house a lot more. I respect my parents and teachers, too. Plus, I can defend myself and that is very important.

-Skyla Foidart


Dear Tiger Martial Arts,

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your outstanding leadership of the six week Self-Defense program in partnership with the Aboriginal Friendship Society. This free program would not have been possible without your commitment to the active involvement of all youth in our community. The lessons learned were strong building blocks for confidence and self-awareness which will lead to future success. I was very impressed with your flexibility which allowed everyone to participate regardless of circumstance. I highly recommend Tiger Martial Arts.


Jacquelyne Foidart, BScAg

Nutrition Health Educator
Early Childhood Development
Aboriginal Friendship Society


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