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NEW!!! Alternative Leadership Warrior Rash Guard, Short & Compression Pant Uniform Pieces are interchangeable and well designed for comfort and cover. With Great Style! Everyone loves choices, Master Viani has designed an alternative uniform that moves with your body for comfort and breathability with this in mind. The popular Body Armor Leadership Uniform can be worn instead of your Leadership Uniform on any regular training days in the following ways: Rash guard, Compression pant and short.  Juniors only may also choose: Rash guard Compression pants or Rash guard under Leadership Warrior Uniform top Leadership Warrior Uniform pants As usual on B-Days you are permitted to wear your Uniform T shirt (tucked in) with your Warrior Uniform Pants On exams, you will be required to wear your Leadership Warrior Uniform.

LEADERSHIP WARRIOR RASH GUARD, COMPRESSION PANT & SHORT SET.  Buy the set and save $60 normally $179.97.  Get the entire set now for $119.97































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